Disc & gold keys

1995 | GoldenEye

007 Disc & gold keys found in GoldenEye.

---- The weapon consisted of two disposable satellites designated "Petya" and "Mischa", each one armed with a nuclear warhead.
By detonating the device in the upper atmosphere, a pulse or a radiation surge, is generated; capable of destroying all electronic devices in a 30 mile radius. Consequently, eliminating all forms of electronic communication or retaliation.

In order to activate the satellites, three keys were needed; two conventional golden keys were used to start the system's targeting network.
The third key, a large rectangular cartridge that housed an optical disc and translucent golden gem, was used to read the system's complex access and firing codes.
In order to obtain the three keys, an authorization code was needed to unlock the eye shaped vault where they rested. After the cartridge key was loaded into the console, the golden keys needed to be turned with precise synchronization to activate the targeting system.
With the target coordinates set, the weapon needed to be manually armed by entering the firing codes. After unlocking yet another compartment, the system would be ready to fire once the trigger switch was turned. ---- (jamesbond.fandom.com)

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Goldeneye disc and keys wireframe
James Bond, 007 Goldeneye disc and keys.
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James Bond, 007 Goldeneye disc and keys.

James Bond, 007 Goldeneye disc and keys.