re-built in 3D

Yes, it's a hobby.

007.lysandre.ai is unofficial and non-profit.
All material contained within the site are for educational purposes.

All of the props are modelled referencing a few images from the movie
It's called Eyeball modelling

Software used:

Autodesk Fusion 360, Rhino 5 | Grasshopper and Maxwell Render

You can download all the models for free
Don't waste your money buying poor quality models out of Etsy.
Love to see what you do with them so send me a line!

GrabCad 3D models download

This 007 web serie is augmented with fun stuff like Speech synthesis Web api and Augmented reality Web AR.
So turn the speaker on, and use your Iphone camera app to scan QR Codes.

Try it out now!

007 Logo ar marker

On some of the image you can switch the light OFF with a click.

007 Private synthesizer collection

---- 007 love synthesizers

Deckard Dream Polyphonic synthesizer
007 synthesizer collection

007 synthesizer collection

007 synthesizer collection
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